Good Brands

At GoodLife Foods we have a beautiful and balanced brand portfolio.

The products of our brands have one thing in common, it’s always about sharing and enjoying good food that makes you happy. All brands have a strong heritage. With all this knowledge and experience we see ourselves as expert in the food market.


In 1959 Jan Bekkers went on a trip to the United States and was inspired by the hot dog trend. Back in the Netherlands he invented the, nowadays legendary and classic, Frikandel! Something that once started as the invention of the Frikandel has grown to a complete assortment of delicious snacks. The Beckers snacks are available in the supermarket, as well as foodservice.


In 1981 we introduced the delicious Bicky Burger! This burger concept was introduced to compete with the big international hamburger chains. A 100% Real Bicky Burger guarantees a quality and consistent taste. It offers a complete solution with 7 components avalaible; a burger bun, burger, 3 different sauces, roasted onions and Cumcumb’salad.


The company was founded by the late, Sai Chiu Van. He arrived in Denmark in 1935 to study agriculture and eventually settled there. He established the company in 1960 when he saw the potential for what was then in Europe, the little known Chinese spring roll. Daloon entered the UK market in 1976, and its UK Head Office and production site opened in 1984.


Pure, spicy and easily recognizable by its unique shape, that’s Mexicano. Delicious as a meat snack, but also on the grill or barbecue. Mexicano consists of a whole family; so there is a Mini-Mexicano, Mexicano Baguette, Mexicano XXL, Mexicano Halal and Mexicano Xtra Hot!


Here at GoodLife we think vegetables should be the star of the show. We source the healthiest vegetables from the best farmers to create nutritious vegetarian meals.

Cas Spijkers

Cas Spijkers is our culinary croquettes and bitter balls brand. These products are exclusively available for the catering industry with a smooth filling of Dutch shrimps, crab, chorizo, goat’s cheese, cheese, vegetables, prawns, veal and tomato mozzarella. All products of this brand are developed by our chefs with the ingenious sense of taste of Dutch top chef Cas Spijkers.

De Vries

De Vries Snacks has been making the most delicious frozen snacks for cafeterias and caterers for over 60 years. Since 1952 the company has experienced enormous growth: from a small shop in the center of Dordrecht to a modern snack factory. Next to our regular assortment with meat snacks, De Vries Snacks offers a wide range of halal snacks as well.

Van Oers

Since 1958 Van Oers has been supplying a wide assortment for foodservice industry, including the self-produced delicious frozen snacks and salads for petrol stations, amusement and holiday parks. Van Oers has been the pioneer who was the first producer to introduce oven snacks in the 1980s.

De Amsterdamse

The Amsterdamse croquettes and bitter balls are produced exclusively for the catering industry and therefore it is a wholesaler brand. Meet the beautifully thin yet crispy crust and experience the taste of the more than richly filled ragout. These classics are perhaps the tastiest available in the Dutch hospitality industry.


The Dutch brand Weiderijck is a specialized, organic croquette brand. By using pure and organic ingredients, croquette icon Piet Laan and top chef Cas Spijkers have developed the perfect organic croquette and bitterbal.