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Savouring, that's what GoodLife Foods is all about. Enjoying good food and having a great time with people around you. Put simply: Living the Burgundian way. This is why we guarantee high-quality food made of first-class ingredients giving our products a distinctive taste. Enjoying together implies a huge choice for everyone; whether you eat meat, vegetarian or halal. You may know us from brands like Beckers, Mexicano®, Bicky, but we are also active within Private Label! We are keen on improving every day to ensure a splendid quality and a great taste of our products. We do this together with a large team of more than 600 employees. This way we make sure that we have the tastiest snacks today and in the future.

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One-stop shop portfolio:

Our brands

We have a number of strong brands that are well known in the food service industry. You might know us from Beckers' frikandells, Bicky burgers or the Mexicano®.

Private label

We make the best frozen snacks. This goes not only for our own brands. We work hard to supply supermarket chains with high-quality products every day. You can find us in various supermarkets across Europe!

The channels we operate in:

You can find GoodLife Foods products basically everwhere. We have a number of consumer brands, trademarks, and we also develop products under a private label.

Out Of Home, Retail and Industry;

Because we collaborate with various companies, you can enjoy GoodLife Foods anywhere! You can enjoy our (consumer and trade) brands, Out of Home or in Retail at your favorite snack bar. Under Private Labels, we develop products with retailers with various price points that you can find everywhere. An example is a typical Dutch ‘frikandellenbroodje’!

We build long-term relationships with our customers

We produce snacks for our partners with care and transparency. We strive for sustainable long-term business relationships. Our goal is to develop products of the highest quality which are in line with the wishes and requirements of our partners and the brand.

We are constantly working to improve our processes

At GoodLife foods we are constantly working on innovation regarding sustainability and portfolio development. We do this because we pursuit to deliver the highest quality in every product we make. Always. We keep a close eye on food trends and make sure we have everything we need in-house to develop the best products for you. We ensure the right certifications are obtained to make different types of top quality products, from the familiar meat-based to our plant-based snacks.

Plant based, ESG, World Cousine, Consumer health;

We are committed to providing excellent quality and service to our customers while delivering market leading innovations based on healthy consumer trends and foresight. We also believe it is important that everyone can enjoy our snacks together. Therefore, in addition to the well-known meat snacks, we also have vegan, vegetarian and halal snacks in our range.

Various certifications

Our snacks are high-quality. Therefore, we believe it is important that our certifications are up-to-date. We have the following certifications: IFS, BRC, Better Live Label, Halal Accreditation Council, Bio Certificate, RSPO Segregated Supply Chain and ACS.

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Our Sales department handles customer relations and product sales in the following countries:
  •   Sales Netherlands
  •   Sales Belgium
  •   Sales Germany
  •   Sales Nordics
  •   Sales United Kingdom

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Factories of GoodLife Foods

    IZICO Katwijk B.V.
    De Vries Vleessnacks Produktie B.V.
    Van Oers Snacks B.V.
    IZICO Bocholt B.V.
    Daloon A/S
    Excellent Food & Snacks B.V.

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    Kanaalstraat 15
    5347 KM Oss
    The Netherlands
    Johannstrasse 37, 3. Stock
    40476 Düsseldorf
    United Kingdom
    Carlton House, Gwash Way
    Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 1XP
    United Kingdom
    Delfinvej 3
    5800 Nyborg

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Working at Goodlife Foods

Our brands

A brand portfolio
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The brands under GoodLife Foods

All the brands we collaborate with have one thing in common. They share our mindset on enjoying great food. Over the years we have built a strong portfolio full of great brands. Together with our customers we look for innovative products in the market and develop a succesful concept based on their unique feedback.

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