The story behind GoodLife Foods

Diversity is in our DNA. GoodLife Foods was created when a diverse group of companies were brought together. All these companies had one thing in commom. They were known for an iconic product. And all of these companies were at the forefront of developing food items in the 1950s. Odds are high that you are familiar with many products of GoodLife Foods.


Our origin

In 1950, the original Frikandel was invented by Beckers in the Netherlands. Daloon was the company that first introduced spring rolls to the Scandinavian market in 1960. In 1981 the Bicky burger quickly became famous in Belgium. Finally, in 1984, the delicious Mexicano snack was introduced by De Vries van Oers. All these snacks were launched with great success and still enjoy much popularity among consumers nowadays.

But times have changed. Not everybody eats snacks made from meat anymore. GoodLife Foods saw this as a huge opportunity which is why since 1992 we are buying high quality vegetables to make delicious vegetarian meals.


We continue to develop

In 2014, GoodLife Foods acquired Izico and for several years we sticked to that name. Daloon joined in 2016, which ensured a remarkable geographic expansion in the areas of Scandinavia, Germany and the United Kingdom. This expansion was accompanied by a significant market growth. The acquisition of Daloon allowed Good Life Foods to offer various vegan and vegetarian products. Previously, these types of snacks were barely in our brand portfolio. Things went fast after 2016. In 2017, De Vries, Van Oers and GoodLife joined and the name Izico was changed to GoodLife Foods. This name reflects all products we represent and the vision of the company in a better way. In 2018, Excellent joined GoodLife Foods. This company is best known in The Netherlands for the croquettes they produce.

After this considerable expansion, GoodLife Foods started working hard to integrate all the brands and plants. Bringing together the great minds responsible for all these great products gives us an unprecedented advantage in the fast-changing area of food product development.


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