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Snacks in all varieties

Our brands' products have one big thing in common. They all have a strong heritage: Being the one and only original in the market! With all our specialized know-how and hands-on experience, we are experts in the foodservice market and snack industry.


GoodLife Foods offers a wide range of (vegetarian) snacks and functions as a one-stop shop for customers. On the right-hand side you'll find 6 categories of snacks that we produce.

Spring rolls

Oriental / Asian inspired snacks including spring rolls and samosas

Hamburgers & meat snacks

Burgers and Mexicano

Crumb & formed

Breaded assortment that includes cheese snacks, croquettes, bitterballen

Bread, salads, & sauces

The original Bicky buns and Bicky sauces, salads for KLM and various sauces

Mixed snacks

Combination of (mini) snacks (including mini spring rolls, crumb snacks)


Traditional snack in the Netherlands

Our brands

A brand portfolio we are proud of


As the inventor of the frikandel, Beckers is an indispensable brand in the world of snacks. With years of experience and a wide assortment, Beckers guarantees delicious products with a recognizable taste. 

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Flexitarian Bastards

Armed with years of experience and passion for responsible nutrition, Flexitarian Bastards presents truly delicious, 100% vegan snacks! 

Van Oers

Since 1958, van Oers has supplied a wide range of products to the foodservice market. This inventor of oven snacks became the market leader of snacks within petrol in the 1980s. 

De Vries Snacks

De Vries has been making the tastiest snacks for cafeterias and caterers for over 70 years. In addition to a wide range of meat snacks, De Vries is known for its extensive Halal assortment. 


Our collaborations

Private label

We produce for private labels of wholesalers and retailers. We are widely spread on the European market. Our products are being sold under a retailer's name. Therefore, they are actively involved in the whole process: From manufacturing to packaging.

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Purchasing existing products

In addition to developing products from A to Z for retailers, we also work with quite a few brands. These products are developed in our factories. When they are ready to deliver, they get to the consumer via retailers, whether it is in a supermarket or a snack bar.

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